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WordPress Website Build For Beginners

In this tutorial we will build a simple WordPress website for a financial company called SaveLight. We will use the Elementor plugin with no hand coding. This is a beginner based tutorial.

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Comments ( 38 )

  1. Hello , i need ACF videos serie Please my Boss

  2. i keep getting this error:
    An error occurred while fetching file from:!
    Reason: http_request_failed – cURL error 28: Connection timed out after 10001 milliseconds.

    anyone have some insight on this error. i already updated my php to 7.0

  3. How to make CRUD operation in my own table say – students , which is created in wordpress database , using wordpress, ? is there a way ?

  4. This is a very good video… I'm new in this web design thing but I'm sorted, Thanks to afrihost for recommending this video


  6. Hello, Very good video. You speaked about making a video on creating a wordpress theme from scratch. Are the idea still up to date ? Are you going to do it ? It will be very good. Anyway thanks for you videos. Have a nice day.

  7. Why is Brad not changing the site in responsive mode. I tried the theme and the header doesn't look right in responsive mode. There is a huge whitespace

  8. hi brad, i always like content because there very authentic for everyone thanks a lot for help

  9. Hey Brad, Are you using wordpress in Linux?

  10. Love how you went through this one without the fluff like many other vids on this topic. Solid. Thanks man

  11. Eagerly awaiting that WordPress theme from scratch series

  12. Nice tutorial Brad. Really like all of your content!

  13. Can I build a freelancing business off this? I know HTML, CSS and basic JS already but am thinking I might be able to start freelancing right now just making WordPress sites. Is this viable (even just part-time maybe)?

  14. Anyone know if Gutenberg makes any of this obsolete? I've just gotten into web development, and haven't touch WordPress yet at all. Need a good course and don't want anything outdated.

  15. Any WordPress Developers out there that use Elementor regularly in their work?

  16. No offense but this was the most boring video I watched so far on your channel. Not your fault though, your content is great! But god damn, I feel sorry for the people who study so much html, css, javascript, php, and end up doing this 8h a day.

  17. How does this dashboard and elementor work exactly? Is the php files from the wordpress and theme .zip doing the panels, sliders, buttons, etc, or the php is calling server side a java/python software that is doing it?

  18. at 32:41 invalid mailbox syntax please help.

  19. Need some help – I used the 100% width to keep my logo the same size on scrolling. It looks fine on Chrome, but it's HUGE on internet explorer. How do I fix this?

  20. Arggh. I'm following nicely up until 14:40 "open tools,,,, 80 pixels.." (don't see that) "copy" I get lots of choices of what to copy, which one. Argg. This is not so important to me, but I'd like to know what you're doing. Otherwise I love this tutorial !!!!

  21. thanks a lot man learned a lot

  22. hello traversy media am getting this error while testing contact form :There was an error trying to send your message. Please try again later.

  23. When i go for the aditional CSS on when customizing the website it is blank. Should i edit it straight on the theme css folder or should i do something to be able to do it from the customizing page?

  24. Elementor not working with my theme any fix? It wasn't a recommend plugin.

  25. This video is not for beginners nor for pro,,,,if this is for beginners why you didn't say how to get a hositng and connect domain and hosting

    you directly start making site like your personal project or making for affiliate

  26. Excellent video, even for non beginners, good intro for using elemental.

  27. Would you recommend doing this as a business? I am how to code websites from scratch but would this be a better method?

  28. Where did you copy the .is-sticky…. css code from? I go to dev tools and inspect the logo element i only see the html.

  29. You vids are great and very easy to follow. Thanks for your dedication.

  30. There are so many tutorials on already made themes. Would be really awesome to turn it up a notch and see how you would go about creating a custom theme from let's say html 5 boilerplate or something like that. Yea it would be bit more advanced but I think this is a niche in yt vids on the topic. You have a great way of explaining concepts and would be awesome to see that applied to the wordpress functions pages etc. The real power of WP when making your own theme.

  31. Please can I use this airi theme to build a logistics website? Hope it won't cause me problems later?

  32. If you want to make a website in low cost you can go they are good are good support. ❤❤

  33. After importing my demo data, I get a 404 error on my site.. Anybody know why?

  34. I have a question. What if we want don't that "powered by wordrpess" line from footer??

  35. Thank you for your excellent and timely video. I'd just discovered the AIRI theme last week and began noodling around with it yesterday. I'm liking it so far, especially since they developed all of their sections (other than header & footer) using Elementor, which makes modifying the demo themes simple.

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