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WordPress Tutorial: How to Make a Website – Simple & Easy!

WordPress tutorial for Beginners step-by-step 2019. Learn how to make a website from scratch with WordPress in under 1 hour!

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This page contains affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you.

WordPress Tutorial for Beginners Timestamps:
1) Make a Website in Less Than 1 Hour! – 00:00:00
2) Why Use WordPress vs. Wix, Weebly, Squarespace etc. – 00:00:23
3) How to Get 60% Off WordPress Hosting + a Free Domain with Bluehost – 00:04:49
4) How to Add Content (pages, blog posts, menus etc.) – 00:12:52
5) How to Install a WordPress Theme – 00:23:28
6) How to Install a WordPress Plugin – 00:35:46
7) Assignment – 00:40:08

Note, your site will be updated automatically to WordPress 5.2.2

Thanks for learning how to use WordPress to make a website in this WordPress tutorial for beginners.

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Comments ( 30 )

  1. Timestamps (if you want to skip ahead!)

    1) Make a Website in Less Than 1 Hour! – 00:00:00
    2) Why Use WordPress vs. Wix, Weebly, Squarespace etc? – 00:00:23
    3) How to Get a Free Domain & 60% Off Hosting – 00:04:49
    4) How to Add Content (Pages, Blog Posts, Menus, Widgets & More!) – 00:12:52
    5) How to Install a WordPress Theme – 00:23:28
    6) How to Install a WordPress Plugin – 00:35:46
    7) Assignment – 00:40:08

    Thanks for watching!
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  2. Such a great tutorial! Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I use a free version. I am unable to CENTER the slider. Is this feature available only in the paid version?

  4. I want to design my wordpress website with arts and sports fest plugin as three teams are there ,they will have each dashboard and live score board,individual players point status with photos and each program status win and fail

  5. Great tutorial. If i don't need that Post bar only pages how can i remove that?

  6. Why does my screen look different than this? So frustrating. His screen looks way more user friendly.

  7. Appearance -> Theme options not displaying under customize

  8. Will love video on building my website and enabling good SEO as well on wordpress

  9. Perfect tutorial so professional and very helpful you are great teacher Daragh

  10. Thank you so much Daragh, I love your attention to details, calm and professional way of explaining things. You are a great teacher

  11. I learned some good information, thanks.

  12. I should have watched this video first before that mess I did, thank you Daragh.

  13. Hi Daragh, Many thanks for a helpful and well-presented tutorial for someone like myself writing his first website.
    I had one question remaining after watching it – throughout the tutorial, the home page of your website was the one with the two posts on. Since I don't plan to have posts on my site at this stage, I'd like the home page to be similar to the About page that you made. How do I change the home page so that it shows a page I've created rather than the two posts?

  14. Lots to learn here!ย  Thank you.

  15. for some reason, the image on top of the basic template is not showing in my first post. Do I first need to set up a static homepage?

  16. Your class is amazing and easy to understand.THANK YOU SIR

  17. Thank You Daragh. Your video is absolutely wonderful. !!! Your approach is sooo calming, relaxing and without sophisticated techy talk. The tone of your voice is so non-intimidating and encouraging. As a beginner – and after many attempts to go thru the wordpress videos – YOU have been the one to help me succeed. THANK YOU.

  18. Thank you for this Video. Can I transfer all my domains and websites to Bluehost with WordPress? Or does that require a website technician? I am ready to leave GoDaddy! and its web builder!

  19. Is it possible to start with a blank canvas? And to just start your website from scratch and add whatever you want?

  20. This was an incredibly helpful tutorial. Really explained it well for beginners. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ !!!

  21. do you earn money from this website and approximately how much?

  22. Great video, Daragh. On my WordPress Admin Dashboard, there is no "Permalink" option within the Settings. Has there been any update you are aware of to change the default away from including the publishing date within the permalink? Thanks!

  23. Thanks so much! I spent hours watching the WordPress 10 step video tutorial series = should have watched this first!! Very concise and practical to actually help me get started. :^)

  24. Hello Daragh, I like you website for beginners, is very good for me to learn. Do you know any Templates to create Soccer (Football) Tournament. Thanks, Toni

  25. thx and respect you ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. love the presentation way , easy and simple to understand . TQ so much for the sharing , hope to learn more from you !

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