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WordPress Tutorial: How to Connect Your Blog to Facebook Using Publicize

Find out how to share blog posts directly on Facebook from your site, which you can also do on a Jetpack-enabled WordPress site. Our step-by-step video will walk you through it, and it’s easier than you’d think!

For more information on connecting your website to Facebook and other services using the publicize tool, visit our dedicated support page:

For more information about customizing your site, or other support questions, visit Support:

For more information about creating a website or blog with, visit:

To enable the Jetpack plugin for your WordPress site:

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Comments ( 9 )

  1. I don't see this on my free account. Maybe you should put a disclaimer that this is not for free accounts so that we're not wasting our time. Sanka u!

  2. Thank you for this video i found this very helpful bcoz i just have started my new blog. Actually there was a problem to share my blog on FB page

  3. Hi, I have the free option, can't find sharing or the options? any help please?

  4. I don't see a "My Sites" option. I do only have one site.. but then I don't see "Configure>Sharing" either??

  5. Thank you, while the options I was given slightly differed, it worked perfectly.  Now, the other question is can I get it to work the other way, that is, can I get posts I make on my Facebook Page (not my profile) go right to WordPress?

  6. This is all good until your facebook post had no title, just the first paragraph of the blog post. I have rechecked my settings and read a few dozen google posts all to no avail. So basically it looks like I posted a picture with some text. Not a good way to draw people to my WordPress blog.

  7. 0:28 None of that happens. It just connects to the profile and doesn't give any option to post to a manged page.

  8. I'm using free version, do I need to have a premium membership to share on Facebook???

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