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WordPress Tutorial for Beginners | Step-By-Step 2019

Get Hosting and Install WordPress:

Welcome to this WordPress Tutorial for Beginners | Step-By-Step 2019!

Step #1: How to Install WordPress 0:46
Step #2: How to Log Into WordPress 7:02
Step #3: How to Navigate the WordPress Dashboard 8:16
Step #4: How to Add a New Theme 11:41
Step #5: How to Install Plugins 13:57
Step #6: How to Customize Your Website 17:00
Step #7: How to Add Pages 23:54
Step #8: How to Create a Blog Post 27:06
Step #9: Publish Your Website! 30:30

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Comments ( 36 )

  1. Hey, I followed everything you say and stuck at the propagating part. its been more than 24 hrs for me now what should I do?

  2. Fantastic tutorial video, thank you! You definitely deserve more subscribers.

  3. "I'm gonna show you guys how to change the font."
    Me, a graphic designer: Cool. I wonder what he'll change it to.
    "Let's just do Comic Sans."
    me: NOOOOO
    "But I don't like it so I'll put it back."
    me: good man.

    In all seriousness, great tutorial, thanks for going through everything. WordPress is more straightforward than I imagined.

  4. Your explanation is really good, dawg. You deserve way more views and subscribers.

  5. If you speak french… MERCI BEAUCOUP!!! You are the best !

  6. How do I restore the main headder menu?? WordPress is extremely frustrating, as there is no clear way to put the menu back like it was. This is just a huge time-vaccum.

  7. This was so helpful thank you

  8. bro i am from Pakistan and paypal is not available here moreover i am under 18 so i cant have a credit card….tell me what should i do?

  9. hi dale. new fan and subscriber here. i'm just starting to learn so i find your vids are really helpful. just wondering though. because my boss wants us to use the newspaper theme. do you happen to already have a tutorial of it? or maybe considering to make out? would be great if there. thanks so much thus far!

  10. omg you have a video for every question that I have!

  11. great man!! best video ever! thanks so much

  12. Os seus tutoriais são os melhoes que eu já ví! "The best tutorials" congratulations from Brazil:)

  13. Great tutorials. You're an awesome professional. " The responsibility or consequence is on who judges other's actions and dreams. It's never on who is being judged." Keep up the good work. No need to be nervous.

  14. You explained everything… I have seen all videos and all are best…????

  15. This is a wonderful tutorial but not complete you don’t show us nhow to do the footer and contact page. I also like to add a section of blog like the demo on their sight. If I can not learn how to do these I have wasted my time following your tutorial you can also tell me where to go to learn these if you don’t want to do it

  16. This is a wonderful tutorial but you left out how to do contact page and footer I also like to do a section for blog if you don’t want to help maybe you can direct me to a place where I can get help

  17. I have 2questions first how to change the color of heading second section under the heading how we make the writing more visible and readable like darker thanks

  18. Would share this with friends interested in learning web design

  19. this was one of the true beginner tutorials I have seen and I liked the theme thank you

  20. Great tutorial!!! Amazing content, thanks for helping the beginners.Thanks for sharing. I look forward to more!!! I have some good WordPress tutorials

    on my channel and I use it everyday for me and my clients. Love it!

  21. Great tutorial!!! Amazing content, thanks for helping the beginners.

  22. Thanks, Brother. It helped me a lot. Keep making such videos. You got a new sub.

  23. We used to make a video about how we could make a website like Themeforest
    please make a video.

  24. Nice vedio thanks you're helping me a lot.

  25. Thanks alot! very helpful tutorial bro, truly appreciable

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