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WordPress Tutorial for Beginners (No Coding Required)

In this WordPress tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a website from scratch, in one afternoon. This is the first video in a series where we’ll walk you through the different ways you can make money with your website.

You’ll learn how to get hosting, install WordPress, and how to build the site you want, without writing any code. This tutorial will use Astra theme with Astra Starter sites and Beaver Builder lite, so you can get up and running quickly.

This video brought to you by MonsterInsights, take a look at their site here:


For the discount, use our code: WPBVIP

For this video, we will be setting up our site using BlueHost. You can get a discount for BlueHost that we’ve negotiated with BlueHost through our link in the video or on the page here:

For the theme we’re using you can get the Astra theme by following this link and downloading the theme:

For the Beaver Builder lite plugin if you have not installed and activated on your site, you can find the plugin on the repository here:

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0:00:00 Introduction
0:01:34 What is Hosting
0:02:22 Get Domain Name & Hosting
0:04:21 Install WordPress
0:04:50 Clean up dashboard
0:05:59 Install SSL Certificate
0:08:20 Install Astra
0:10:24 Install Astra Starter Sites
0:14:19 Customize Theme
0:22:25 Edit with Beaver Builder
0:30:12 Add Video to Background
0:33:38 Edit Menu
0:35:13 Add Form to Contact Page
0:39:39 Set up Blog page
0:41:08 Set Permalinks (URL structure)
0:42:12 Add section to homepage with Beaver Builder
0:44:30 Create a Logo Using Canva
0:50:01 Thank you!

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Comments ( 19 )

  1. There is no way to change the images with the Astra free .. this is a bait and switch. I have to try something else.

  2. This tutorial is GREAT!!!!! WP has A LOT of information. My main focus will be the blog and as I grow and evolve, I will begin to sell. Is there a certain order to watching these videos?

  3. Can you tell me why I don't see the same things on my WordPress/Bluehost websites (dashboards) as you have in this video? Thank you!

  4. Grrrr! I can’t get Beaver Builder to show up on my toolbar and I can’t find another way to access it! Please help… ?

  5. I could listen to your voice forever !!! Thank you for your content.. if only my college professors sounded like this ?

  6. What is the best way for me to sell an original audio file on my WP site? Do I still need to have an RSS hosting site or can I utilize Easy Digital Downloads? Is a 67-minute audio file considered a digital download or a podcast?

  7. Hmmm I don't get any of the Astra Starter Sites, just blank page

  8. How should I clear this problem of update? " You cannot update because WordPress 5.2.2 requires PHP version 5.6.20 or higher"

  9. this might be a really dumb question but im really new to wordpress in general and i see that your dashboard looks different from mine and im just wondering are you using, or

  10. The contact form does not appear once I go to the actual contact page and enter the beaver builder. The form itself was already there where the forms are but it doesn't appear at all on the actual page.

  11. Anytime I see "Bluehost" I tune out..

  12. Wow guys! This is one really good Step by Step tutorials for WordPress Beginners! Kinda plan to make one like this soon too.

  13. How do i add a 'select your plan page' to my site? Is it included with wordpress, a widget??? Thank you

  14. Thank you so much. My site makes way more sense now. If the site is already built ( by someone else) but with wordpress , can these suggestions still be used or will i need to change hosts etc?

  15. Do you script your videos or do you guys just go with the flow? Thanks!

  16. Nice to finally see your face. Great tutorial ????

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