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WordPress Tutorial for Beginners – Adding Internal Links and External links – Part 12 – Video Tutorial

In this part 12 of WordPress Tutorial for Beginners, we will add the internal link and external link in the blog post. adding link in blog post is important part in SEO strategy.

The good practice in adding external link in the post is set in the new tab, new tab for external link because this technique helps to reduce bounce rate to your Website which is good your SEO.

I strongly suggest watch all videos and don’t skip, stay tune.

This video will continue on part 13…


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  1. The type face is so small and fuzzy I can’t see a thing, bye!

  2. Thank you, the part I needed started at 1 min and 35 seconds. Liked!

  3. Thank you for this clarity… Have subscribed

  4. Well understood and applicable, yes I made it, thanks, how to improve readability?

  5. I still don't understand how the external links are visible once you google the phrases.

  6. can i create external link with any website or with the ones which have been created only by me i am confused

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