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WordPress Tutorial For Beginners 2019 – Create A Website Step by Step – Video Tutorial

In this step by step wordpress tutorial for beginners you will learn the newest way to create your own website that makes it so much easier and faster than ever before. We are going to use the most popular platform in the world (WordPress) to make a clean, professional website in just 1 hour.

You will learn how to get your domain name and hosting, install WordPress, import your website and customize it in any way you want. Then I will demonstrate how you make a logo and even find free stock photos to use on your website.

You will have complete control of your wordpress website and it will be a breeze to create it.

Table of contents
0:01 Intro
3:40 Getting A Domain & Hosting
11:12 Installing WordPress
15:30 Clearing Out Unnecessary Stuff In WP
21:20 Theme Installation
27:48 Theme Customization
31:06 Logo Creation
34:40 Header Customization
36:40 Home Page Customization Using Elementor
1:03:14 Footer Customization
1:06:45 Editing Other Pages
1:08:20 Deleting A Page
1:09:09 Changing A Page Title & URL
1:11:00 Adding A New Page
1:14:05 Adding Pages To The Menu


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Comments ( 47 )

  1. When you go back to your home page, there is a place on the menu bar within WordPress called edit page. This area used to load without a theme.Do you have a video on this.

  2. Is it easy to add on a link to the Instagram page?

  3. This helped with some questions for me.

  4. you failed to go over contact form/contact us that is the most important but you did do it

  5. Thank you for sharing this video. I have followed it step wise for a week and now i have my first website. Thanks once more. Check it out guys The Chewy

  6. sir kindly tell me custom css which is present on front page usually by clicking question is this custom css will work for only front home page or rest of the pages like about ,services etc. please guide me god bless you.

  7. You are an excellent teacher… your pace in speaking, your attention to the "obvious" detail, and your thoroughness made spending the last 75 minutes with you a totally enjoyable, informative and generally rewarding experience.
    I received a solution for my problem, although in a totally unexpected, but fully appreciated way. I still need to know if I can replace the static main picture with a series of photos on slider or carousel. I guess I will have to figure that out myself. Thank you, very much.

  8. Thanks so much. Can you tell me how to change the, Euro sign to the dollar sign under services?

  9. Well that is one really in-depth tutorial. Direct to the point and explained in very simple terms. Of course, this video is long but the time given to this is worth as it covers all the basic topics. More subscribers coming soon.

  10. very authentic information about wordPress.

  11. Very good video on WordPress Tutorial for beginners 2019. Very elaborate and detail training is given. Thanks for it.

  12. Excellent Tutorial for Beginners

  13. Hey guys, around 2 years ago I also started with WordPress on my first website. But I always struggled with how to do things. I watched one tutorial and could do one thing, but never coming to the point where I could work with ease and flow – anyone feeling the same? I was looking for something super intuitive and easy to understand. A little bit like Steve Jobs intention with the Iphone.

    So I would love to recommend you guys the solution I have found for myself although I know this is a bit cheeky to post under this video but if it wouldn't have really helped me I wouldn't do this. One day I discovered WIX this was the complete game changer for me. They are a bit more expensive than WordPress but so much worth it, because you save a ton of time. For me, this is when building websites started to be really fun. Just try their free option… And yes if you go through my link I get something from it.

    Much love Ana

  14. Awesome video for website creators thanks

  15. wao very nice titurial about wordpress

  16. Great WordPress Tutorial For Beginners

  17. useful video about WordPress Tutorial For Beginners 2019.

  18. This is really a good tutorial video guide for WordPress enthusiasts very nice information about WordPress thnx for this video.

  19. I love this channel because the truth is that all its videos are extremely detailed and easy to understand even for the most novice or with little knowledge. Thank you very much friend continues like this

  20. Sir one deeply video Html to WordPress conversion please ?

  21. Great WordPress Tutorial For Beginners , thanks for share it with us ??

  22. This is a good tutorial video guide for WordPress enthusiasts. Simply easy to understand and follow. ??????

  23. Thanks for explaining each and every component of it perfectly. Like media library themes as well. Perfect for everyone who wants to learn wordpress

  24. When you make a free website with WordPress does it show intrusive adds that promote WordPress, stuff like (created with WordPress try it now)

  25. Very nice and useful information about wordpress tutorial for beginners thanx for sharing!

  26. Very nice and useful information about wordpress tutorial for beginners thanx for sharing!

  27. What a great tutorial is observed here. I love that everything is explained step by step, it is a great help for those who do not know this topic.

  28. really nice video . Detailed explanation provided about how to make website with wordpress. thanks.

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  30. this is just I have been looking for….you helped me a lot….I like it!

  31. Really it's an informative and useful video

  32. Brilliant tutorial! Covers all one needs to know and gain full insight over wordpress. I am not technically savvy and this demo helped me tremendously!

  33. basic tips and all important. Good tutorial! Keep it up!

  34. This is really great video. I have learned a lot of useful information from it. Thanks! keep it up


  36. Great Tutorial about WordPress Tutorial For Beginners , thanks

  37. Great Tutorial , thanks for share it with us ??

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  39. I am a beginner in web development and I have a basic knowledge of html, css and javascript and a bit of PHP.
    I love wordpress CMS very much but I don't know really the ins and outs of it. This video helped me to learn many more things in wordpress. Thanks sir.

  40. WordPress Tutorial For Beginners 2019 is a nice video. Nice details about it

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