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WordPress Popup Plugin Free – How to create a POP up on your WordPress Website.

WordPress popup plugin free 2018.
In the WordPress plugin directory, there are a good number of free popup plugins. In this video tutorial, I showed how to create a popup using “ Popup Maker plugin”.Popup maker is the most popular free WordPress Popup maker plugin in the Plugin Directory. It is easy, flexible and functional. Using this plugin you can create any type of modal or content overlay popup banner.

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About Imran Emu

Comments ( 39 )

  1. How do I find your next video on this? Also, need to know how to add a button to the pop-up (most important).

  2. how to add a button trigger

  3. Hi this is my first popup on you think I need any change?

  4. but how to apply it on the whole galleries of my website ??
    need am immediate help

  5. thanks for your time to do this video

  6. Hey Imran,

    Thanks for the video.

    But can we integrate it with Aweber?


  8. did I miss the part where you set up a trigger?

  9. Hey there Imran, thanks for the video mate, it was very useful. I now have it set up. However, what you do not say is how to get the name and email capture boxes on it??????

  10. Sir what if we want pop up only on mobile screen but not on tablet and desktop only on mobile screen?????

  11. thank you so much for taking the time to make this

  12. Great video, however I can't make it work. I've tried several times.

  13. Hi there, what is your preferred page builder ? I work with a few but my favourite is generally Oxygen.
    Thanks for your time and effort in this video recording – very good stuff!!

  14. thank you so much, it was very useful in deed. very informative video ineed.

  15. sir i follow same instructions that you describe in video but i wont get popup on my site.

  16. Thanks. Now i understand how it works. Great!!

  17. Thank you for the great video. I made several popups with unique ids; however, the first one I made shows up no matter which trigger I hit. Can you explain why?

  18. Nice Video brother, it takes courage and confidence to make a video with voice. Great job!

  19. how I can display different pop ups on one page, when we refresh the page, the pop up changes?

    I am very confused, please help
    Thank you

  20. How to add it on a button as like any page button?

  21. pop up will appere on every page i want it on only index page loading only please give the solution'

  22. Great, informative video. By the way, I love the way you "popup"!

  23. how do I pop a pop with the condition when the user data is not complete the pop appears but when the user data is complete the pop does not appear

  24. Have you ever done for Facebook Live Videos to show in your wordpress?

  25. Hi bro, I really apprciate your work and it is perfect. Only one thing I do not really like is your pronunciation, just try to improve it. 🙂 Thanks so much

  26. Author of Popup Maker here, very much appreciate you taking time to educate your followers about our plugin and what it is capable of.


  28. WordPress Popup Plugin Free 2018

  29. Hi imran i have question for u can u please tell me when i click a category or sub category from the menu i want see the active category & under subcategory and in side bar how can i do this customization ?

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