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WordPress Gallery Tutorial : How to add Visual LightBox Gallery to WordPress

Visual LightBox:
Wordpress Gallery Full Tutorial:

1. Create a gallery in the app and click “Publish”, select “WordPress plugin” as an export option, get plugin
2. Install and activate the created WP module — as WordPress plugin
3. Visual LightBox menu will appear. Go to Visual LightBox – All Galleries and copy the shortcode of your gallery,
[visuallightbox id=”1″] for this example
4. Add the shortcode inside the page where you want your image gallery to appear
5. Preview changes
6. Use Visual LightBox wordpress menu “Visual LightBox – Add New” to add each next jquery image gallery

Comment ( 1 )

  1. On this demonstration, I see the box for changing the Gallery ID is active, even when the WordPress method is selected.
    On my current version of VLB v6.1, as soon as I select to publish for WordPress, the Gallery ID choice is deactivated.
    The only reason it could be an issue for me is, I want to overwrite existing online galleries, not create totally new ones and still be left with the old, unused galleries in my folders and database.

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