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WooCommerce Checkout Easy Upload

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WooCommerce Checkout Easy Upload - 1

WooCommerce Checkout Easy Upload - 2

WooCommerce Checkout Easy Upload - 3

WooCommerce Checkout Easy Upload

Easily enable customers upload patterns, images,…before checkout securely with Virus Scanner from VirusTotal and MetaScan.

woocommerce checkout page template compatible with avada theme, enfold theme
woocommerce checkout page template compatible with woocommerce 2.4, wordpress 4.3, mailchimp mandrill
WooCommerce Checkout Easy Upload - 4

If you have ever wonder how to allow user upload files through your WooCommerce checkout page, to exend and optimize revenue by added value, this is the best and easiest way to do that.

This plugin will help enable you to allow customer upload their file easily, with extensive options which will help you control the uploaded files by customers.

Plugin itself came up with the secure upload files with 3 layers verification, which will erase the worrying from being hacked or exploited through uploading method.

Also, if you have used VirusTotal online scanning service, or strong Meta Scanner, now you will be experienced it right in your WordPress installation. We will automatically scan the files which uploaded by customers automatically and notify you if someone trying to upload suspicious files like malwares, bad hacking scripts or even virus.

It is built for flexibility, so that you can choose where to display upload file button on the checkout page, up to 6 position!!.

WooCommerce Checkout Easy Upload

If you’re not so sure about the result of auto-scanner, you can manually re-scan easily in order detail

scan virus file wordpress woocommerce

We’re also made it for you to easily manage the files uploaded by customer, you will know that image is linked to what order, easy as piece of cake!!!

WooCommerce Checkout Easy Upload - 5

This upload plugin is best used for following purpose (suggestion):

– Textile patterns for Fashion shops
– Recipes for bank transfer – get delivered products faster
– Instruction/Map guider images

There’s a lot of more things you can do with this plugin, as long as it’s something can be uploaded.
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