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UPS Shipping method for WooCommerce

The UPS Shipping Method plugin for WooCommerce will get real-time rates from UPS. The plugin work with domestic and International package. Works with any currency worldwide, any dimensions and any weight units.

UPS Shipping method for WooCommerce - 1


UPS Shipping method for WooCommerce - 2

  • NEW Box Packing feature, add boxes and it will calculate which box and how much box to use.
  • Works worldwide with any currency and any dimensions units.
  • Multiple addresses / warehouses can be used, rates will then be calculated based on the methods and address.
  • Ship using your negotiated rate for UPS.
  • 3 way’s of handling the shipping, Per Item, Weight of all items and Box Packing.
  • Choose which shipping methods to show in the checkout.
  • Rename default shipping method to suit your needs.
  • Add handling fee to one or multiple shipping methods
  • Auto update, future updates will be available directly from WordPress interface FREE.

Shipping Services

UPS Shipping method for WooCommerce - 3


v2.0.1? April 11 2014

  • Fixed Multiple Tracking

v2.0.0 ? April 09 2014

  • Added Multiple Tracking

v1.1.6 ? March 28 2014

  • Added Box Packing
  • Updated SYN dependencies
  • Cleanup code
  • Changed error text

v1.1.5 ? March 26 2014

  • Updated auto updater

v1.1.3 ? January 28 2014

  • Fix WC_Version notice

v1.0.8 ? June 14 2013

  • Address validation for US
  • Fixed international methods
  • Added more debug msg

v1.0.7 ? May 24 2013

  • Added multiple addresses
  • Added css for more readable debug
  • Fixed Poland shipping
  • Fixed & sign
  • Moved XML to folder

v1.0.6 ? April 25 2013

  • Added a way to change shipping methods name
  • Added update from WordPress
  • Fix max weight and weight rounding

v1.0.4 ? April 22 2013

  • Fixed weight addition

v1.0.3 ? April 22 2013

  • Fixed weight with quantity

v1.0.2 ? April 16 2013

  • Added multi units and currency for shipping originating outside USA

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