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Slim Image Cropper for Gravity Forms, Photo Uploading and Cropping Plugin

Slim Image Cropper for Gravity Forms (version 1.9+ and 2+) allows your users to attach images to forms. You can set the required aspect ratio and output size of the uploaded images, Slim will make sure all uploaded images fit the set requirements. Ideal if you need your users to upload images of a specific size or ratio like profile pictures, documents or source images for print.

Example use cases:

  • Set square aspect ratio to have make uploading profile pictures easier.
  • Set common document aspect ratios to crop images to familiar document sizes.
  • Set warning for low quality image uploads.
  • Set smaller image output size and JPEG compression so images are uploaded faster.



Quick feature overview:

  • Auto corrects mobile image rotation
  • Auto crop and auto resize of images
  • User can adjust the crop and rotation
  • Compatible with Gravity View
  • Compatible with Image and File field types of Advanced Custom Fields
  • Set JPEG compression amount
  • Multiple Slim croppers per form
  • Force image output to JPEG or PNG
  • Low quality image warning.
  • Supports touch interaction on mobile devices
  • Responsive and beautifully animated
  • Includes Slim post field, due to limitations in Gravity Forms it can only be used to create posts not update

JavaScript version

Give it a test run:

  • Slim live demo

Premium Quality

Slim is build using the latest HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript techniques.

Professional Support

Contact us through the form on the Support page, we’re always happy to help out with any questions or problems.


“The design quality of this gravity forms image uploading tool is absolutely superb! It accentuates the professional quality of the well respected gravity forms plugin while providing excellent image uploading functionality which is also fully responsive.”

5 stars by itxp

“Great product, great support!”

5 stars by subnurbs

“Fantastic support resolve my problem on weekend!”

5 stars by lesnic

“Great plugin, great and fast support!”

5 stars by janramroth


  • Beautiful Animations | Today, it’s all about a nice and smooth user experience, this is where Slim delivers big time.

  • Responsive | In this day and age, of course this plugin is responsive.

  • Gravity View | Supports gravity view in the form of a specific gravity view shortcode.

  • Mobile Friendly | Slim has been optimized to also work with touch input on mobile devices.

  • Browser Cropping | Cropping is done on the client, less server load, faster file upload.

  • Crop | Specify the output ratio, be it square (1:1), portrait (3:4), movie mode (16:9) a custom ratio or the ratio of the input image, Slim has got you covered.

  • Rotate | Rotate the image to a 90, 180 or 270 degrees angle.

  • AutoCrop | Slim will automatically crop the image to best fit the specified output ratio.

  • AutoRotate | Mobile devices can embed rotation information in photographs, this often results in rotated or incorrectly read imagery. Slim automatically corrects this and presents the photo the way it was intended.

  • AutoSize | Specify the maximum size of the output image and Slim will scale down the image to fit perfectly. Tip: Use AutoSize with a square ratio to quickly crop avatars.

  • Very Fast | Slim’s code is optimized for performance. On top of optimal code paths, Slims animations assist in making the cropping experience feel smooth and fast.

  • Change Labels | All texts can be configured in the settings editor.


  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Internet Explorer 10+
  • Opera (Not Opera mini as it lacks the required Canvas features)
  • Safari 8+ on OSX & iOS 8.4+ (Safari on Windows is no longer supported by Apple)
  • Android 4.4.4+

On very old browsers ( older than Internet Explorer 8 ), Slim won’t load due to lack of JavaScript functionality. On Internet Explorer 8 and 9 it will show an incompatible message.


  • WordPress plugin zip
  • Installation instructions


Slim makes use of SVG icons made by Egor Rumyantsev, these icons are licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 BY.

For animations Slim makes use of Snabbt.js, blurring is done using Stack Blur and images are transformed in to manageable canvas elements with LoadImage. All three libraries available for commercial use under the MIT license.


1.8.0 | 16-09-2019

  • Add retain image head setting, set to true to copy over EXIF data.

1.7.3 | 02-09-2019

  • Fix issue with version 1.7.2 removing conditial fields.

1.7.2 | 26-08-2019

  • Improve problems with memory usage on iOS.

1.7.1 | 20-08-2019

  • Fix error message in settings page.
  • Update to latest version of Slim which fixes problems with canvas elements on iOS.

1.7.0 | 30-07-2019


  • Add force size option, use to force the output size to a certain dimension.

1.6.3 | 26-03-2019


  • Fix problem with deprecated error when using latest version of Gravity Forms.

1.6.2 | 10-12-2018

  • Fix problem with shorthand php tags.

1.6.1 | 04-12-2018

  • Fix problem where if “send on submit” in the “advanced tab” is set to “false” Slim incorrectly stored files in a temporary folder. This only happens when you’ve manually set the setting to “false”, the default value is “true”.
  • Add settings page to correct the file value and location of incorrectly saved fields.

  1. Navigate to the “Gravity Forms Settings” page.

  2. Click “Slim Image Cropper”.
  3. If incorrectly stored fields are found it should be shown here.
  4. Just to be on the safe side, backup your Database and WordPress installation.
  5. Click “Review incorrect fields” to view a list of incorrect fields.
  6. At the end of this list, click “Update field values” to automatically fix the fields.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused. If you require any assistance please contact us using the support form.

1.6.0 | 01-11-2018

  • Update Slim to v5 fixing multiple iOS memory issues

1.5.5 | 06-09-2018

  • Add slim_gform_update_post_meta_value filter to alter custom post field value.

1.5.4 | 08-08-2018

  • Fix issue where WordPress throws a warning when an image is uploaded.

1.5.3 | 19-07-2018

  • Fix problem where quality warning message would only popup on load of image instead of also when a small crop is made.

1.5.2 | 16-07-2018

  • Fix problem where gravity view shortcode would render incorrect URL.

1.5.1 | 27-04-2018

  • Fix problem where Slim crop area would move viewport on iOS.

1.5.0 | 26-03-2018

  • Add settings to Gravity View field so it can render a download link.

1.4.4 | 16-11-2017

  • Fix problem where async upload would not work when a form throws an error.
  • Fix problem where images could be scaled down to below their min size.

1.4.3 | 18-09-2017

  • Fix Slim entries being displayed incorrectly in WooCommerce order emails.
  • Fix max width and max height setting not working.

1.4.2 | 04-09-2017

  • Add setting field and translation for the “old browser” status message.

1.4.1 | 28-08-2017

  • Fix problem where Slim post field would post strange characters.

1.4.0 | 16-08-2017

  • Integration with Advanced Custom Fields. Slim post field custom field name is now mapped to Advanced Custom Fields File or Image field name.
  • Fix warning message in edit view.
  • Fix validation problem with required fields when using post fields.

1.3.0 | 01-06-2017

  • Add reading of JPEG meta data and transfer of said data to output image.
  • Add advanced field to configure the Slim internal canvas size.

1.2.2 | 29-05-2017

  • Add fallback for when mime_content_type is not available.
  • Add slim-initial-image class to image element so lazy loading plugins can be configured ignore it.
  • Fix bug in async upload logic.
  • Fix problem where editing post field data would throw incorrect file error.

1.2.1 | 18-05-2017

  • Fix problem where Slim would throw an error when submitting a form on Microsoft Edge.
  • Improved internal logic to access configuration values.

1.2.0 | 15-05-2017

  • Added instant edit mode settings. When set to true, the editor is opened immediately when a file is dropped.
  • Added image quality warning setting. When set to a resolution Slim will show a “image is low quality” warning if the dropped image is below defined resolution.

1.1.5 | 14-05-2017

  • Added compatibility with Gravity Forms 1.9

1.1.4 | 11-05-2017

  • Fixed problem where Slim Addon Class would throw error on certain PHP installs.

1.1.3 | 10-05-2017

  • Fixed problem where Slim post field would echo a url to the page on submit

1.1.2 | 09-05-2017

  • Fixed problems with image links when using [gravityview] shortcode

1.1.1 | 08-05-2017

  • Fixed problem displaying images in the entry detail view
  • Fixed problem with view page on older PHP versions

1.1.0 | 04-05-2017

  • Added string translations to PHP code
  • Added Gravity View shortcode for easier use of Slim in Custom Content fields
  • Added preview of Slim to form editor
  • Added custom CSS field to appearance tab
  • Added async upload mode, the default sync mode can cause trouble when uploading large images on iOS devices
  • Improved support for use in Gravity View
  • Improved setting field styles
  • Improved setting field input validation
  • Improved PHP code to conform to Gravity Forms add on guidelines
  • Improved PHP version compatibility
  • Moved slim to advanced fields group
  • Fixed lots of bugs

1.0.2 | 16-04-2017

  • Add Slim post field so images can be added to form posts
  • Add max drop area size field setting which you can use to limit the size of the drop area
  • add force type field to force output type to either .jpg or .png
  • Fixed problem where image would disappear after editing entry data
  • Fixed cancel and confirm button text missing
  • Fixed image being gone after form fields did not validate
  • Fixed image on entries detail page breaking out of container
  • Fixed problems with ajax forms

1.0.1 | 22-03-2017

  • Fixed various problems with Internet Explorer 11

1.0.0 | 15-03-2017

  • Initial release

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