[XML-RPC][Elementor] Can’t edit post


I try to edit post by XML-RPC.
I use python. The getting, editing and updating was successful, but I don’t see any changes on my site!

I think, Plugin Elementor is case of this problem, because in standard console i see new version of publication in revisions. But I don’t see new page on site (i also checked from phone with mobile internet).

If I deactivate Elementor, I see the changes, but my site will corrupted.

from wordpress_xmlrpc import Client
from wordpress_xmlrpc.methods import posts

client = Client('http://mysite.site/xmlrpc.php', user, passwd)
employers = client.call(posts.GetPosts({'post_type': 'elementor-popup','number': 100}))
i = employers[0]
newpage = NewHtmpPage(i.content)
i.content = newpage

How I can update page with Elementor plugin

For example I use docs of this module

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