WPMU Hook for archive or deactivate blog?


I am trying to automatically clear the blog’s cache when it is Archived (or Deactivated is fine) in a Multisite install. This is useful for anyone using a caching program like WP Super Cache as an archived or deactivated the blog will still show until the cache is cleared.

I have tried:

add_action( 'archive_blog', 'wp_clear_cache_custom' );
add_action( 'unarchive_blog', 'wp_clear_cache_custom');


add_action( 'archive_blog', 'wp_clear_cache_custom_archive', 10, 1 );
add_action( 'unarchive_blog', 'wp_clear_cache_custom_archive', 10, 1 );

With the function:

function wp_clear_cache_custom() {
        global $wpdb;
        wp_cache_clear_cache( $wpdb->blogid );

This same setup works fine for clearing the cache when a theme is changed, etc. but not for blog status changes.

Any help is much appreciated.

This page seemed to be close but no dice:
Perform action on WPMU blog deletion

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