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Hello and please excuse if this has been answered before but we really need to make sure.

We have developed a website under a domain of ours and then moved it to the live site of the client. We have run a few sql queries in the db in order to update to the new url but when we search our domain name in the database, we get: 600+ matches inside table wp_posts (mostly revisions, but there are attachments and posts also).

We read in the codex of WP that we should NOT update that column but we are not quite sure how it would affect the site if we did. The files are still in our domain and we need to delete them, but we are thinking that since there are still instances in the database that call our domain, something might break if we did.

If someone can provide more info on the guid use and any suggestions in the above situation, we would be reaaally grateful.

thanks in advance

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