WP_List_Table $current_url points to my actual host rather than the reverse proxy host


I am a novice on the wordpress framework and I am currently using wordpress behind a reverse proxy. Like follows.

Reverse Proxy Domain = https://example.com
My actual Domain = https://example-herokuapp.com

Issue :

  • In wp-admin dashboard when i try to filter posts like orderby date or comments etc in the admin panel. I get a 404 page.
  • Thats because the links are pointing to my actual host ie https://example-herokuapp.com rather than my reverse proxy which is https://example.com

Reason :

Question :

  • How do i change this $current_url to use self_admin_url().? Should i override $_Server[‘HTTP_HOST’] in wp-config ? or what is the best practise to change things like this .

  • Or is there a better way to ensure my admin links point to my proxy host rather than my actual host ?

Thanks in advance.

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