WP_LIST_TABLE bulk action


I created a class extend WP_List_Table and created method for bulk actions like this :

 function get_bulk_actions()
        $actions = array(
            'synchronize' => 'Synchronize',
            'delete' => 'Delete from Shareino',
        return $actions;

and another method for processing their :

  function process_bulk_action()

        //Detect when a bulk action is being triggered...
        if ('delete' === $this->current_action()) {
            wp_die('Items deleted (or they would be if we had items to delete)!');


This action’s display in a dropbox but when i select items and one of action and press on apply it doesn’t do any thing,so process_bulk_action not working;

, , Saeed Darvish 5 years 2016-07-17T03:33:10-05:00 0 Answers 90 views 0

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