WP_DISABLE_FATAL_ERROR_HANDLER vs WP_DEBUG ? What to use and when to use to see errors?


After introduction of WP_DISABLE_FATAL_ERROR_HANDLER I’m confused with existing WP_DEBUG feature.
Now what’s the difference here?

I mean what constant I should use to see the error if I use WP_DISABLE_FATAL_ERROR_HANDLER then what’s the meaning of WP_DEBUG now?

Even though I went through some of tickets on WordPress but I can’t figure out the use of WP_DEBUG now.

Did WordPress ends the use of WP_DEBUG ?
After introduction of new constant WP_DISABLE_FATAL_ERROR_HANDLER I’m not able to see errors anymore with define("WP_DEBUG",true).
I know about display_errors setting in php.ini so not expecting this solution 🙂

Milan 1 year 2020-07-18T21:10:39-05:00 0 Answers 73 views 0

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