wp query – How to display products with most items in stock per amount of out-of-stock variations in Woocommerce?


Say a total of x=700 items of a product are in stock, and the product has 6 variations. Out of these variations amount of d=1 is out of stock.

I’d like to efficiently get and display, say 12, products that have the highest z=x/(1+d) value, from select product categories with limited amount of products from the same category. Number of total variations per product may vary, and I’d like to update the listing once in a week.

I’d appreciate any help! I personally have some experience in coding, but PHP and WooCommerce queries are new to me.

fuxia 1 year 2021-08-22T10:30:05-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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