wp query – How to display posts from custom post type category(custom Taxonomy) wise?


I have created a site where i have a custom post type as Resources. I have a custom taxonomy(Resources Topics) attached to it.

I want to show them in a card system where there will be taxonomy image, taxonomy name and the posts assosicated to it.

enter image description here

Something Like this. The Images are taxonomy images which i have added using ACF plugin. The Process Efficiency, Vendor Diversity, Management and leadership etc are taxonomy term name and the below list is the posts list from that taxonomy term. The “SEE MORE” Button will link you to the category archive page. I want everything to be dynamic.

I am stuck on the query. I can do the style if someone can help me out with the query in this structure.

I have searched over the internet but couldn’t found a solution.
Any type of help will be appreciated.

Bubai Mondal 2 years 2022-07-23T23:59:30-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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