WP noob question: designing a custom page


I’m asking a very noob question about sw design in WP: I’m not new to web development, but I’m quite new to WP.

My client wants to make the usual WP Blog with some other pages describing it’s business. He wants a custom Homepage with some texts, fancy animations, parallax scrolling bg, etc… the other pages will be simpler, with more editorial content, and thus more like to changes.

My question is very simple indeed: in your knowledge of WP SW design, it’s better if I build the whole Homepage in a custom template that I’ll use on that single page, or should I develop the various blocks for the Gutenberg editor and then compose the page in the editor itself?

The point is that that Homepage will be less susceptible to editorial changes, and developing Gutenberg blocks puts some overhead in the development phase.

Thank you very much!

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