wp mail – Using WP_Mail on MacOS 12 (Monterey – M1)


On a brand new Macbook running Monterey (M1), as PHP was removed by Apple on OS 12, I have removed all “AMP” preinstalled by Apple and installed HomeBrew “AMP” (with PHP 7.4), which is running perfectly.

Now, as I have setup WordPress for testing purposes, I am attempting to use WordPress WP_Mail function, which relies on PHPMailer, which in turn uses PHP Mail command. The latter relies on system specific libraries, and I am bit confused about configuring the correct facility, Mail, SendMail, Mailsend….

Digging the Internet, once upon a time you would achieve this through Postfix or eventually setting up an email account in the System settings for Mail.app , which I would like to avoid, as I only use web mail on browser and hate to have an email client accessing my account………

In conclusion, on a Monterey M1 machine, Homebrew “AMP” scenario, is there a way to allow PHPMailer to work, avoiding using Mail.app account?

Riccardo 1 year 2021-12-20T03:54:21-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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