WP Google Review Slider Plugin shortcode appearing as text string on every page even after removing Plugin


I was testing different review plugins for our website. I didn’t notice straight away that there was this shortcode appearing on the live site outside the main content wrapper just after the footer and before the scripts:

[wprevpro_usetemplate tid=”1″]

See website: https://cleanmade.com.au/

I believe it is from WP Google Review Slider.

I don’t think I could have caused it. I only added a shortcode to a test page I didn’t publish (just previewed), and on the homepage in a module I’ve since deleted.

The agency that my company chose to fully manage the website has disabled Widgets, Theme Editor, etc, so it’s not like I have inserted the code into a footer widget or the PHP files myself. They also want $250 to roll back the database to a previous backup.

I tried clearing Cache via WP Rocket. I was thinking of removing Plugin transients, but I don’t have access to the backend at all, so I’m not confident to proceed in case an error happens.

I’ve contacted the developer, but they say there’s nothing in the Plugin that would cause this issue.

Is there someone here who knows the cause and how I could fix it from WP Admin?

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