(WP/Elementor/WPForms) how to fill form fields in an elementor popup when it opens via a button


I have created a popup with a WPforms-contact-form in it. Now i want, when the popup opens, that attributes of the button link prefill the form. I know it is possible to send link attributes on page load to a form – but it doesnt work on the popup. I need somekind of ID-data to be send to the form – so i am able to identify the specific button which was pressed (like some product-id). I already tried some jquery scripts but none of it is working and i dont know if this is the right/only way to fill a popup form with predefinded data.

I really hope i dont have to build for every link a specific popup :/

I hope you guys can understand my problem … i am no native english speaker.

Thanks a lot in advance

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