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I want to make a localhost mirror for a live wordpress.com application. The WebApp has business subscription.

First of all, I have installed a new version of the same WordPress version on my localhost. I am also using Xampp.

I have tried the following solutions:

  1. connected via FTP and downloaded the wp-content folder. I was expecting to see also wp-admin or wp-includes, but it seems I do not have access to them – so I downloaded only the wp-content folder and overwritten the one from my localhost. Also, I have exported the live database, imported it locally, updated the wp_options DB (site_url and home entries) and edited the wp-config.php file to point to this DB. I could login with a user from this DB and access the site pages. So, everything OK until now.
  2. I have used the All-in-One WP Migration plugin from wordpress.com to export site content. From the localhost wordpress installation I have also installed the plugin and imported the export file. No errors during import and the message was a successful one. The site was accessible and similar to the live one. So it seemed to be OK.

The issue is when trying to access wp-admin with a user with admin right. I have logged in with a user that has admin rights and the error is “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.”

The question: What am I missing while migrating – why is the admin user not able to access administration console after migration ?

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