wp admin – What methods are you using to transfer individual WP site components from one site to another?


We’ve built a moderately-large site consisting of about 500 pages, 60+ reusable blocks, a dozen page templates using GeneratePress Elements, etc. We need a way to transfer individual components of the site from development to production without disrupting the entire site and team by doing a full site copy. Doing a full site copy-and-replace isn’t a viable option; we have multiple developers working on multiple components at any given time in development, and we have multiple copywriters adding content at any given time in production. This kind of rules out full-site copy-and-replace in either direction.

I tried using the WP export/import utility to transfer GP Elements. That works in a limited sense; it transfers the code (Gutenberg or no) from one system to another, and I have granular control over which Element is getting transferred. But it does not even attempt to carry over images the Element may be using as far as I can tell; I moved one and had to manually re-specify/connect the images, importing them into the media library first if they were not yet transferred.

I’d also like to hear what people say about transferring Reusable Blocks, too. They suffer the same kinds of problems. One additional irritant is that, whether I transfer them using standard WP export/import, or use the more targeted Export as JSON method, when imported, updates to an element are imported as a new reusable block rather than replacing the existing one.

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