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I am getting a 503 service unavailable error only on my wp-admin page and not my main site and I cannot figure out what has gone wrong!

Steps I’ve taken to try to fix it are:

  • disabled all plugins
  • changed theme by both deleting from filesystem and through DB
  • rolled back to a backup from a month ago when the wp-admin page was definitely working
  • there is no custom code on the site
  • called my web hoster and we have not been above 20% of our resource usage for the past month

I really don’t want to wipe wordpress and start again and so am hoping that others may have suggestions of what to do. Interestingly on hitting the wp-admin page it says “Verifying you are not a robot” and then sends me to a “/.lsrecap/recaptcha?redirect_to=…&reauth=1” page which has the 503 error message, could be related?

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