WP 5-minute Install Error: “Waiting on Localhost…” —why does this happen?


I installed WordPress on localhost using MAMP many times without a problem. Today WordPress froze halfway through a fresh local install and I don’t know why.

  • Thinking something was out of a date, I updated:
  • MAMP to version 4.2
  • PHP to v7.1
  • After updating MAMP, I upgraded MySQL (prompted by MAMP after upgrade)
  • WordPress v4.9.1
  • Double-checked database name spelling matches name in ~/sites directory.
  • Apache Port 80, tried SQL at 3306 and 8889.

From here, trying the WP install and localhost/SITE-NAME/wp-login.php works fine:

enter image description here

Alright Sparky we’re ready to go:

enter image description here

After adding Name/Info/Email/etc & clicking “INSTALL”, the page hangs here with a message in the bottom left corner of the screen: “Waiting on Localhost…”, it doesn’t time out and the page-load icon never stops spinning.

enter image description here
It just stays on this screen ‘loading’. (I cut the names/emails out of the screenshot, these images makes them look invisible. They are there.)
I think I overlooked something.
Looking around the web I found someone with a similar problem:

Any suggestions?

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