WP 5.5.1 suddenly redirects URI


I have just made the WordPress update to 5.5.1. This broke my site. Here’s the thing:

I have a pretty deep system of pages. Say


details is a child page of object, which is a child of the WP_ROOT. <object_id> is no page at all, but a int-value I need to pull the requested data out of the database. So in the template of the page details I check for the $_SERVER["SCRIPT_URL"], isolate the <object_id> and use that id to query the DB.

This doesn’t work anymore since the update to WP 5.5.1! What can I do?
What now happens is, that it redirects 301 to


, which of course fails, because the id is missing.

In Firefox’s network analyzer I can see that I get a redirect 301, but I can’t see why! Must be some changed functionality inside WordPress or sth…

Any help is highly appreciated! thanks!

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