WordPress UTC timezone is wrong



I have this kind of issue and I hope that somebody can help me. First of all if I want to publish a POST or PAGE, my content is scheduled and the post is published 1 hour later. If I want to change the hour, I Edit the post and I see this.

enter image description here

I think this issue is due to UTC time. I already checked everyhing. I installed a plugin called Scheduled Post Trigger but is not solving my problem.

After that I checked the hour setted in WordPress and it looks like this
enter image description here

My php.ini it’s ok and the time of server also.

This is how it looks in my local server
enter image description here

and this is how it looks in the remote server
enter image description here

I use PHP 7.3 and WordPress 5.3


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Wordpress UTC timezone is wrong</a>
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