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I have this ?major? problem ,which i tried solving on my own for a few days, trying absolutely everything, without much success:

It is important to mention that the videos are embedded automatically through a plugin

I created a website, in wordpress, using tips and informations from here, but I have an issue with some of the videos, more exactly, the THUMBNAIL DOESN’T WORK ON SOME OF THEM…if I keep the arrow on some of the videos in the list, the thumbnail either doesn’t work at all, or, instead of being animated, I only get pictures..

I embed videos (for an adult website, even though other users should simply get interested in the problem, if their sites have it too, without taking in account what type of site it is) not images
The main problem on those videos seems to be that the video trailer url is not working-

When the url ends at .mp4, it works, it’s very important to mention that they start with “dw.rdtcdn”

When the url has something after .mp4, it doesn’t work and even if i delete what is after .mp4 it still doesn’t work , the urls that aren’t working start with “ev-ph.rdtcdn”…

If you enter only that link in the web search bar ,those that work as embedded thumbnails also work as simple links , those with, ev-ph .. won’t work this way either.. It actually says that ‘the request needs user authentication ..(so the urls might work, with access)

I also google some possible solutions , and the problem might come from the ‘-‘ (dash sign) ,more exactly the WP visual editor is messing it up ..? which might be because of some code in the plugins ,even though disabling them doesn’t solve anything..

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