WordPress plugins – “Update” in backend vs replacing all files with never version


TL;DR: Regarding plugins: Are there any noteworthy difference between clicking ‘Update’ in the WordPress backend, compared to replacing all the files with the files for a newer version?


I’m trying to control the versions of the plugins via source control (automated pipelines). So I would like to update them by simply pushing a new release, containing a newer version of the plugin.

But does some important process happen, upon clicking the ‘update’ button in the WordPress backend? And if so, can I trigger that automatically somehow?

Some plugins have occasional database migrations upon updating (WooCommerce, Redirection, etc.). But they usually ‘just’ add a notice with a button in the backend, reminding admins that this has to be done.

The plugins are currently controlled via Composer (using the Bedrocks framework).

But some of the plugins have stopped supporting premium subscriptions via Composer (cough cough WPML! cough cough), so I have to control their versions differently.

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