WordPress php mysql errors – errcode: 13 permission denied


I’m developing a WordPress based website using the latest XAMPP release from Oct 9 2019 with Apache 2.4.41, MySQL/MariaDB 10.4.8 and php 7.3.10 using localhost on a Windows 10 machine.

Since updating XAMPP I have been besieged with errors similar to the following:

PHP Warning: mysqli_query(): (HY000/6): Error on delete of ‘C:xampptmp#sql35b0_ee_0.MAI’ (Errcode: 13 “Permission denied”) in C:xampphtdocsamcwp-includeswp-db.php on line 2007

WordPress database error Error on delete of ‘C:xampptmp#sql35b0_ee_0.MAI’ (Errcode: 13 “Permission denied”) for query SHOW FULL COLUMNS FROM wp_options made by wp_reschedule_event, wp_schedule_event, _set_cron_array, update_option

I have checked the permissions of xampptmp 50 times and authenticated users, system, administrators and users all have full control. I have also deleted WordPress and the associated data base and data tables several times yet the error on delete permission errors continue.

I’m seriously at a loss so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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