WordPress Permalinks still not working despite all necessary settings


I apologize for the seemingly duplicate issue posting but I can’t seem to find someone who has come across my specific issue and resolved it. This post got close but I did everything they did.

here’s where I’m at:

  • migrated a wp site to an aws server running ubuntu 18
  • rewrite mod is enabled
  • site is in /home/ubuntu/sites/my-wp-site
  • site dir is owned by www-data
  • site’s virtual hosts file has the necessary “Directory” section with “AllowOverride All” set
  • site’s .htaccess file has the rewrite rules set by the permalinks settings in the ui
  • apache2 config also has the “AllowOverride All” set for a “Directory” section pointed at /home/ubuntu/sites

What am I missing?

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