wordpress.org – How to put a onclick function to cart icon to slide in cart details?


I’m a newbie to coding and im trying to work on my online website. www.serendib-batik.com

I already have a plugin that opens a “Slidein Cart” when a customer adds items to cart.(pls check the site)

Additionally, I want to open the sliding cart when someone clicks the cart icon in the menu too. I tried adding code to slide in cart from right to left but it isn’t working. Below is my code in function.php.

$(".fa fa-shopping-cart").click(function(){

$(“.xoo-wsc-modal xoo-wsc-cart-active”).slideLeft(“slow”);

It doesn’t work for me. Maybe im missing some start and end function codes to run this. or my css is wrong.

can anyone help me?

cheesyblast 4 months 2021-06-19T04:03:06-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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