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I am trying to get the character length of a category archive page. I know i can use

$page_title_length = strlen(get_the_archive_title() ); 

However, for some reason, this gives a higher number than expected. For example, if I go to the archive page of post category ‘uncategorized’, the result i get for the string “Category: Uncategorized” is ’36’, while it should be ’24’! I tried everything, but to no avail.

Here is my whole code:

 * Get Page title letters length

function prefix_get_page_title_length() {
    if (is_archive() ){
        $page_title_length = strlen( get_the_archive_title() );
    else {
        // Everything else
        $page_title_length = strlen( get_the_title() );
    var_dump(get_the_archive_title() );
    return $page_title_length;

The code works on single pages (it gets the correct number of letters but it returns more letters for some reason for the category archives. Please help.

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