WordPress not generating .htaccess but tells me that (Permalink structure updated.)


I hope someone can help me.

I am configuring my new Centos 7 server with directadmin and ran into the following problem(s);

  • my .htaccess file won’t generate after saving permalinks, but says (Permalink structure updated.)
  • multisite wordpress gives an error 500 after trying to save site (no errors in log). I think this is to do with the same problem, why my htaccess won’t generate. The htaccess just seems like an easier starting point for my question.

Things you need to know;

  • everything else seems to work in WordPress. I can even download, install and activate plugins within wordpress
  • I allready run another Centos 6 directadmin webserver. So I have some knowhow.

Things I have tried:

  • delete the current .htaccess in hope it would be generated a new one
  • chown the .htaccess file to apache:apache
  • check file and folder permissions, even chmod 777
  • yum update
  • update directadmin
  • update custombuild and recompile
  • reset all configs to default
  • check if mod_rewrite is loaded and running
  • increased php memory_limit and executiontime
  • creating new ftp user and configured wordpress to use this other ftp user
  • deactivate and delete all wordpress plugins

There seems to be no consistency in my problem, because I would think it has to do with permissions for writing files. But installing new plugins works fine.

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