WordPress Multisite with different domains and themes


We want to set up a multisite WordPress install on our main domain, let’s call it “mainwebsite.com”, as well as a number of other domains, let’s call them “mainwebsite2.com” and “mainwebsite3.com”

However, is there a way we can get it working such that the following are true:

  1. Plugins are shared by all domains, so that they only need to be installed/updated once

  2. URLs would remain specific to each domain, rather than as subdirectories or subdomains of the main domain (so mainwebsite.com/about and mainwebsite2.com/about are two different pages with different URLs but are managed from one central WordPress install)

  3. Page content can be separated by domain (so mainwebsite.com/about and mainwebsite2.com/about would have different content)

  4. Themes would be unique to each domain

I’ve read a couple different options for getting something like this setup (using domain aliases, using the MU Domain Mapping plugin), I’m just not entirely sure if any of them are going to work, given the requirements we need for this.

Thank you for any assistance!

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