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I originally had a page in my main installation called /foo. Using the WP Network, I need to have a new site under said page, accessible at /foo/bar. However, multisites only allow /bar, so I am looking for either for a way through the dashboard or through the .htaccess file.

And for the record, I’ve tried :

  • read the documentation
  • changing the home and siteurl values;
  • creating a site /foo, but I can’t create another site under this one;
  • creating the path through physical directories;
  • htaccess: RewriteRule ^bar.*$ /foo/bar/ [R=301,L]
  • looked for similar issues on Google, wordpress.stackexchance as well as stackoverflow;
  • removing the /foo page
  • both a subdomain and subfolder approach
  • cried, swear and spit my at code (okay, maybe not that far… yet…)

Also noteworthy, I’ve considered multiple WP instances in physical directories, but as I intend to have several sub-sites, this will not be maintainable, now will I have the resources to do so.


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