WordPress meta query with meta serialized data array value


Looking for a method to nest AND/OR relation in meta_query based on array serialized values.

Reviewed these already:
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I understand that the serialized data ‘should not’ be used to search/filter (or first needs to be pulled out to do so outside the SQL) BUT I would like to put it out there so see if nesting could do the trick.

E.g. Data [ meta_value field1 = ‘abc’ , meta_value field2 a:2:{i:0;s:1:”1″;i:1;s:1:”4″;} ]

This holds the values [ “1”, “4”] as string array.

The search I would like to perform is something like

$metaSearchQuery = [
            'relation'    => 'AND',
               'key' => '<FIELDNAME1>',
                'value' => 'abc'
            'relation'    => 'OR',
                  'key'          => '<FIELDNAME2>',
                  'value'        => serialize(strval(1)),
                  'compare'      => 'like',
                  'key'          => '<FIELDNAME2>',
                  'value'        => serialize(strval(4)),
                  'compare'      => 'like',

With the output SQL something like

... where meta_value.field1 = 'abc' and (field2 like 's:1:"1"' or field2 like 's:1:"4"')

That way you could use the main ‘AND’ condition for other fields and nest ‘OR’ for array values…?
Is this even possible using meta_query?

The reason is that I do have to filter and the values could be 1, 2, 3, 4 or any combination of there.
Taxonomy better , yes but this has been written already so would like to utilise the meta structure if possible.

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