WordPress isn’t reflecting changes I make to a specific file via FTP


Hello, I’m new to WordPress so please let me know if there’s any vital information I’ve left out.

I’ve just migrated from my localhost to online: there were a few bumps but after fixing some paths everything seems to be working fine. Except for the search results page (and I think I know why).

I wanted more search results to show up, so in Settings > Reading I updated the number of posts to display on one page. However, now when I update search.php, the changes aren’t reflected on the live site. My uninformed theory is that because I changed a setting via the wp-admin panel it somehow cached a current version of my search.php and is using that instead of the file I’m updating and reuploading.

I know this is probably incorrect, but I have no idea why changes I make to the file aren’t being reflected. It is the only page I’m having this issue with, changes I make to other files are displayed instantly.

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