WordPress How to display search results in search.php


I am trying to display search results in search.php , but no results showing. it just show this
search results for: then the keyword I put in the search box only nothing more. so the actual results for the keyword not showing from the posts.

I have two files. here are


<?php get_header();  ?>

     <h5><b>SEARCH RESULTS</b></h5>
     <h3 class="mt-30 mb-15">SEARCH RESULTS FOR YOUR KEYWORD</h3>

<h1><?php printf( __( 'Search Results for: %s'), '<span>' . get_search_query() . '</span>' ); ?></h1>

<?php get_footer();  ?>

and searchform.php

<form action="/" method="get">
    <label for="search">Search in <?php echo home_url( '/' ); ?></label>
    <input type="text" name="s" id="search" value="<?php the_search_query(); ?>" />

so what should I do?

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