WordPress : how to allow a user to post a module that leads any visitor to a product page ? (front end)


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First of all, thank you to all those who will take the time to read this post and to give me their help. I’m currently starting a website that I’m very interested in and there is one feature in particular that I don’t really know how to implement.

I will try to be as clear as possible so that it is easy to understand.

I want to allow some people who visit my site to be able to create an account on it. So far, nothing special, I simply want these people with their account to be able to generate, modify and delete a block or module (I use DIVI) from a form in their “account” space, which would go on the home page of the site (only from the front end so without accessing wordpress admin). This block would display the information contained in the form as well as, for example, the profile image of the user who filled in the form. Furthermore I would like this block, when clicked on, to lead users of the site, whether they have an account or not, to a “product presentation” page whose information depends once again on the information filled in the form. And finally, I would like a user to be able to purchase the product from this page and, at the end of the purchase, download a document whose content would also depend on the fields from the initial form. Of course, if the user deletes the block, the “product presentation” page would also have to be deleted to avoid overloading the site unnecessarily. And if the block is modified, the information on the “product presentation” page should also be modified, as well as the downloadable document at the end.

I know that this may seem a bit complicated but I have thought about it and I would really like to do it. I’ve already made a site with WordPress but it was a very simple site with no user space where I just posted articles that you could read.

I already tried to look at some plugins on the right and left, I saw that WP forms for example allowed a user with an account to post I’ve already tried to look at some plugins on the left, I saw that WP forms for example allowed a user with an account to post a “blog post” on the site but what I want to do is a little different I want the user to be able to create a kind of block or module containing some information filled in beforehand by a form and which would be in fact a link to a “product presentation” page generated automatically.

I hope I have not been too long and that I have been clear. I am aware that this question is probably aimed at an audience already experienced with WordPress. Thank you in advance for your answers.

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