WordPress GiveWP Plugin showing blank page in none default theme


I am using the GiveWP plugin with a U-Design theme.

The donation page shows preloader for short time then turn into a blank page:

I.E. In this page: https://www.podrsd.org/donations/support-needy-families/

I noticed in Googe Chrome’s Browser that there are 11 elements with ‘Slow network detected’ and jQuery-Migrate-3.3.2 is sometimes loaded sometimes 2 times!

Could this be the problem why the donation page is turned, Blank?

When I deactivate the U-Desing theme and Activate the 2022 theme it works perfectly.

enter image description here

PHP version is 8.0.1 and Error Reporting is enabled in PHP.INI but I don’t see any error.

Please advice.

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