WordPress features not working correctly


I’m new to wordpress an I’m having some issues with a site that has already been built.
The site is using Elementor Pro, however, in the backend the “Edit with Elementor” is either not showing or the button doesn’t work at all. The page is also using the WP Nuvo theme, and something similar happens when trying to edit the Theme Options, none of the buttons or dropdowns work. I know these may be a specific questions for those 2 themes/plugins, however I have no access to support from either since they were bought by the previous site admin and I have to purchase info for either one. Is the any way to refresh the pages to make these 2 things work? Already tried deactivating both things, but nothing changes and I can’t reinstall them since I don’t have the installers either.

Victor Gallo 4 months 0 Answers 10 views 0

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