WordPress deleting subdomain from the URL


Finally I’ve solved the wildcard subdomain for my hosting. But now I’m facing another problem.

If you try https://randomname.minepi.hu then it will redirect for the main domain and wordpress deleting the given data. If you try this link: https://randonname.minepi.hu/test/ you can see its a simple php page and now the subdomain stays there, and I can processs the given info on the site.

Okay the SSL have to be setup somehow later, not sure how could I do that since I’m just using Easy SSL now, and I don’t see wildcard subdomain options but thats a different tale. Right now I would be happy if WordPress not deleting the subdomain from the URL.

Maybe its some edit needed in the MySQL tables, or are there any easier options?

Arpad Palinkas 4 months 0 Answers 12 views 0

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