WordPress database problem wp_posts, primary key


Repende my website in wordpress did not let me work properly, did not let me publish an article and showed me a problem in the editor show the message: “You are editing the page that shows your latest posts.”

Searching on the Internet seems to be a problem of the database, when entering the wp_post phpmyadmin table I get this message “The current selection does not contain a single column. The grid edition and the copy, delete and edit links do not are available “I can not modify the data in the table, I also see that the structure is different from any other database in wordpress, the wp_posts table for example the ID has no auto increment and has no primary key when it should have it. I try to assign it but I get this error:


MySQL said: Documentation

# 1062 - Duplicate entry '0' for the key 'PRIMARY'

enter image description here

Any way to solve this problem? I have already updated the wordpress, used plugin to “repair” database but nothing worked for me

I appreciate your help

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