WordPress custom post type as homepage with homepage url


I was able to set a custom post type as the homepage for a woocommerce site I am building.

The problem is that when I do this, the homepage url does not display. (i.e. https://mywebsite.com).

Instead it displays as (https://mywebsite.com/post-type/post-name).

Using filters I was able to get rid of the post slug, but the name is still now present when set to the homepage. If I go to (https://mywebsite.com) the url bar displays (https://mywebsite.com/post-name).

Does anyone know how I can get rid of post-name in the URL when setting this as the homepage?

, Nicholas Finch 2 years 2020-09-01T13:10:23-05:00 0 Answers 75 views 0

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