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Im still learning the ropes to wordpress and have done my research online before coming and asking questions here.
I am looking to know is it possible to create a customer portal via wordpress.
I have basic theme installed and created all my pages via Elementor just hard coded in to look visually appealing but now i want to add some functionality, such as register and login ( not to the wordpress admin but a page that is restricted on my website if yous get me).

Any help would be appreciated as any research ive done as said to use a plugin but i feel id be restricted with a plugin and they can often be bulky.

I can code in php but unsure the structure of file within wordpress. I thought using wordpress would be easier for us to style frontend and then build backend ourselves by placing php code in the files via ftp client.

Please correct me if im going about this the wrong way or is there a better way to approach this?

, Louise Finch 8 months 0 Answers 109 views 0

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