WordPress and Godaddy Shared Hosting – Security Concern / Malware


We are having an issue with WordPress site on Godaddy Linux Shared hosting. Site is getting affected with Malware detected tool after installing the same in Godaddy.

We already took below steps to secure wordpress site and confirm that issue is getting started after moving site back to Godaddy.

  1. Initially launched WordPress site on Godaddy shared Hosting.
  2. After few days, site gots penalized by Google Malware detection tool.
  3. We followed all security guideline to harden the wordpress security from code stand point of view.
  4. Then move site to AWS hosting for 3 weeks and kept monitoring issue. Then requested Google To remove us from malware black list & They confirmed that no malware was found and remove us from black list. For this 3 weeks, site worked perfectly fine.
  5. But due to AWS’ Hosting cost concern, we move back to same Godaddy Shared hosting and after hosting again on same plan, site gets started affecting again with malware by some third party antivirus scanning tool(Quickheal, Macfee, online scanning site, etc.) – not by google so far.
  6. After contacting Godaddy Support they were unable to provide any solution for shared hosting. But requested us to buy their paid service call “SiteLock” for malware removal. It seems this tool is reporting some detection every day and resolving issue. But, i feel this is not permanent solution.

Hence, can anyone please suggest solution/option to resolve this case permanently?

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